Thank You Lord

I’ve prayed hard, really asked God for help to keep my calculator in a safe place where I will find it when it went missing… Finally, I was able to retrieve it back even though calculators are so prone to get lost (especially stolen) when you’re in school… Well, I was able to learn to trust in God, and how He has answered my prayer… yay !! =)

Talked to my friend Ze Kai today, I realized how much he longs to go for a holiday with his family, he told his dad, “爸爸, 我考完试,你就带我去玩”… Suddenly I felt how fortunate I was because I’m able to enjoy holidays which he doesn’t, yet I don’t really appreciate them because I couldn’t  bear with  “someone’s ” poor attitude who just destroys our trips all the time… I don’t know… I just felt how he longs for a family vacation, because his dad is always busy with work… Well, a holiday can be quite costly these days, even if you travel locally… I hope he understands his dad…

Someday… woooh..


Maybe this?


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