What happened during the holidays

We had Encounter Camp in Peace Haven, Genting Highlands! High up on the mountains, the extra-chilly weather was something we reeeeally didn’t expect… Quite glad about it, nevertheless… God can’t move when He knows that we, especially the youths, are not willing to let go of some of our own thing or “idols” as it were… That was one reminder for us… and Yeah, I LOVE THE WEATHER AND THE NIGHTS AND SUPPER… I appreciate the climate during those few days =) because it’s quite rare to have such cold and rainy and freezing (Malaysian context) temperatures over there due to the…. increase in temperatures everywhere… Of course, camps are useful when it comes to bringing people together… And Uncle Nie reminded us too whether we came for camps because  we want God to change our lives or is it because of the “social thingy” where our actual intention is to “follow our friends and enjoy the fun”…  =/  yeah, i kinda thought about it even before the camp itself… =) Praise God man, cheer up!

here I stole some pics from friends… hehe…

Then driving in Puchong for the whole afternoon on Friday…. Tiring and HOT!!! I mean the weather… really hot…

Couldn’t really catch what the instructor was saying because I “wasn’t there”…. ><

And …. the outing in FRIM (jungle trekking and canopy walk)

Goodnight … Hey best friend , I love you…


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