A Long Day

Ze Kai and I went to Hotel Park Royal for almost the whole day today… It was for a test….

His mum and sister came along, so did my mum and brother…

My mum talks quite a lot I think…

GAT was… mmmm…. Maths was….. also mmmm…. English was…..mmmm as well….

This was how the exam hall looked like (different ball room), we sat two by two according to our index numbers and classes… And the Singaporean representatives are good in conduct ! Compliments… (Of course la) But with our very typical chinese kind of English, makes me feel comfortable hearing them… haha =) On eof them even looked like Peng Rui Feng lao shi…

Won’t elaborate much on that… but Ze Kai, your maths is really good, GAT won’t be a problem for you, and I trust that you were okay in your essay, second choice huh… I have a feeling that they would call you for the interview in September, all the best to you yar??? Though I’ll envy you…. *pout face*

It all started at 8:30 am and ended at 5:20 pm ….

We had our lunch break at 11:00 am to 12:00pm opposite the hotel, which is at Hailam Kopitiam in Sg. Wang…. Lunch: bee hoon, we both ordered the same, cheapest mah, but Ze Kai’s one we had to wait because the number wasn’t written clearly…  heh, 3 versus 3 in the same table, 1 mum , 1 sister and 1 son on each side… a coincidence… =)

Oh, oh, we wore NIKE shoes…. nice….


While waiting for us before that, my mum and brother went to Low Yat to buy a new phone…

In the mean time, Ze Kai’s mum is sister went shopping….

And so, only two of us from Selayang, from the same school….

He’s pretty good, he waited for me when I went to the washroom… haha, thanks…

Walks around, a really smart person, mentioned that mostly Maths was Olympiad Maths… Good for you! =) And while walking, I tried to imitate your steps, haha, for fun, just like Kim Joo Won and Gil ra Im in Secret Garden… So ya, I know i’m boring…

And…..  through out the thing, I met one or two new friendly people there…

After we’ve finished, at around 5:30 pm… Ze Kai and his mum and sister took a cab home… my mum and I went shopping: (1) Sungai Wang (2) Fahrenheit 88 (3) Pavillion!!!!!

Walk and walk and walk, reached home at 11 pm, what a day…

Ze Kai, all my best wishes to you, you are the hope among us friends, and the hope of your family too… Bright future ahead!!  ♥

Blessed Fathers’ Day for tomorrow

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