Cute…… hahahahaha ><

After school before mandarin class started, we were all just hanging around talking… 

Well, eventually I got hold of your “Sijil berhenti sekolah” form that we were supposed to hand in today…

Looking at yours, I suddenly came up with a wacky, brilliant idea… So I decided to pick up the pencil and write these things on it… and give a big satisfying laugh together with Zhi Mei and Magen…

Tarikh masuk sekolah : 1/1/2008

Tarikh Berhenti sekolah: 2/1/2008

Sebab Berhenti sekolah: Terlalu bijak, layak memasuki universiti, Syabas!! 

Oh LOL…. and I caught your face smiling and saying ” WHAAAAAT??” 

hahahahahahahaha…. ><


Well, the hiking’s up tomorrow… 

I was glad you showed interest, even if it’s mainly for girls (Girl Guides)… 

Haha, you were like, asking about some information about our hike tomorrow, like when…

I answered you 7 am, many will be coming… especially the seniors… 

You were afraid if Miss Hong sees you there and questions you and other stuff like that… Then you were suddenly like, “ei, why I ask so much la, was I going? aiyo, it’s not that you invited me also” ” …… man, I was smiling inside, thinking that hey, you wanna come??? That’ll be nice…. and then you also said that your sister’s school always had their merentas desa there…. 

So, you actually cared!! haha…. I mean, you’re invited if you want to!! 

Just cute… 

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