A Friendly hug from Teacher Ruby

Today’s “Hari Kokurikulum”

I proudly wore my Girl Guides uniform with all my badges…. hehe =)

I’m the Company Leader, so… I was the representative to receive all the certificates for the unit… And yeah, I marched on the stage… My fellow brothers too, (the scouts, Fareez and Kamarul) They’ve reached the Pengakap Raja level… proud… haha… And Xin Yi, chess competition… Jess and Deborah as well… And Agnes, president of the Science Club…. And Ze Kai, president of the Chess Club… wow, we have almost 8 people holding posts as presidents in school… And myself again, for the District Parliamentary-style Debate Competition (for which I went  up for the second time, this time the Principal said that I’ve got so many buttons… hahaha) Oh, I was also happy when Miss Hong admired the blue Water Conservation badge that I had… heehee… =) She wanted to do it during her time but didn’t … 

And so after that, I sent the certs to the form 3 classes on the second floor, where I bumped into Puan Ruby… She said that I was pretty popular, (coz the juniors always called me from the class whenever I passed by) 

So she walked by me…. kinda patted on my back, hugged me from the side while we walked (I was shy lah, haha), and gave me some encouragement before we parted ways near the staircase… Awww, teacher, thank you =) 

Later during our long break  (lunch time) before the Mandarin class, the whole of 5 Lambda was just… everyone was busy chatting away and playing… I spotted Linda, Enid, Magen and Ze Kai chatting (in a circle)…. Then Enid asked me something… Nanti masa kita semua dah besar, kalau awak masih suka Tan, awak akan kahwin ngan dia tak…?’ And he was like asking to ajak them for the kenduri…. I was like….. okaaaay….. and my answer was: shrugged my shoulders… How would I know such things? and I gave a confused face….. and taadaa…. I escaped it…. lol….  

And God blessed me (my paper…) Thank you Lord !!!


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