My Music Theory Exam

ABRSM Music Theory Exam, Grade 8

3rd August 2013

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m

SMK Wangsa Melawati

This is only to myself

leidenschaftlich, empfingdungsvoll, innig, immer, dolce, poco rit., pp, affetuoso, frei, ruhig and legato.


It is my last grade, my last music theory exam…

After years of learning music theory, sitting for the exams, and preparing for it this year…

Now I think that I have improved when it comes to identifying the chord progression of a given extract, identifying it’s key and the chord marked under the asterisk, ie the German Augmented 6th chord and the viio7 (diminished 7th).

And I became more skilled at transposing too =D

Learning foreign terms and different performance directions was interesting…

Ah, the French, German and Italian terms, beautiful… (massig)

and also ornaments, ie appoggiatura

Don’t forget all these, from what you’ve learnt since the first day music theory made an entry into your life, to all that you are still to learn… and don’t forget your teacher, Ms. Liew, who has taught you so much (tanto)…

Amoroso, appasionato =)


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