When it rains in Autumn

It’s one of the coldest nights in late Autumn. Walked home after the longest clinic session so far. It was good. God is good. It was raining; rain came unnoticed while a busy clinic session was going on indoors at the first two floors of the Adelaide Dental Hospital, it was the only group of students left in the buidling at that hour, with several other teaching staff diligently working with the students.

Droplets kept falling at a steady pace, yet gently; drenching the fallen autumn leaves on the ground. It rained, and it rained. Hands left exposed to the air can freeze up easily, so slip them into your jumper’s cozy pockets.

What a sight to behold looking out the window from the 10th floor – Adelaide city is soaked in the dew of the night; as if a thick grey cloud descended upon the city, it was all misty, all chilly, altogether a different feeling; altogether beautiful. Rain descended with tappings on roof tops; and the cold started to slip in a little, in fact it already has. The night sets in early in late Autumns; as it does so, all things slowed down. Now, it’s quieter.

A lonely aeroplane appears from a distance, heading towards the airport; it’s lights are visible in the clear night sky. Has the plane arrive late because of the downpour? The airport should be closed by this hour. Anyway, keep going.

Tuck under those comfort pillows and blankets, ponder on the faithfulness of the Lord; “Behold, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep”; “He grants sleep to those He loves”; Remember Him and be grateful. Let His rest come.

Let the sound of the rain fade into the night…


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