There has been a few  “unwise” decisions that i have made in the recent years… i wonder what went wrong.



Because You are faithful, O God.
Thank You. =D

We are under the microscope


Fernan Federici (2) Fernan Federici (3) Fernan Federici (4) Fernan Federici (5) Fernan Federici (6) Fernan Federici (1)

Fernan Federicia€™s microscopic images of plants, bacteria, and crystals are a classic example of finding art in unexpected places.

A couple years ago, Federici was working on his Ph.D. in biological sciences at Cambridge University studying self-organization, the process by which things organize themselves spontaneously and without direction. Like a flock of birds flying together.

More specifically, he was using microscopes and a process called fluorescence microscopy to see if he could identify these kinds of patterns on a cellular level. In fluorescence microscopy, scientists shine a particular kind of light at whatever theya€™re trying to illuminate and then that substance identifies itself by shining a different color or light back. Sometimes researchers will also attach proteins that they know emit a particular kind of light to substances as a kind of identifier. In the non-microscopic world, it a€™s like using a black light on a stoner poster.

Federici grew…

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The long awaited shower from heaven




美好的一天,神你真好。 =)


Learning, requires patience.


Do not leave your friend behind.
It was dark at night, and there was danger driving on the road at that hour. You sped up to keep up with the driver in front, and another car was following you behind. Even if it seems like you’re losing sight of the car leading you at the front, consider what might happen to the one at the back of you if she loses sight of your car also. Bear in mind, she was driving alone, and she was the road-timid type, who was following you. If you get lost, at least you are with her. Let the others go first. At least you did not leave your friend behind. Look out for one another…

The Deck House by Choo Gim Wah Architect



From the architect. The Deck House is a 2-1/2 storey house located in the lush greenery of the Janda Baik forest, at the foothill of Genting Highlands. This house consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 baths with approximately 370m2. of enclosed and outdoor area.

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Self destruction?

自从大家中学毕业后各分东西,过了好久今天终于和Agnes,我的多年好友会面。 为了帮Agnes 在sem break 时解闷,我们约好早上10点一起乘搭公共巴士和轻快铁到Time Square, KL逛街,看戏。。。

途中我们说了很多话, 我也更深地了解Agnes近来状况如何,她在UTP的生活怎样之类的,让我听得津津有味, 哈哈, 因为我们真的好久没catch up with each other 了。。。她还想在假期配合的时候一起到台湾游玩,爽!好主意!! 

一到了Time Square,就先买Frozen戏票, 一人RM8.。。。 之后在戏院附近购买了钱包,才十块。 中午12点, 我们一同踏入几百年都没去的戏院。 Frozen挺好看的, 刚巧戏院里头也真的很冷,配合了今天这部戏的主题 XD 

动画片里讲到了真爱的意义——因爱而牺牲自己 (不想在这儿多解释自己的看法)


这时候,我忽然好自卑, 因为我正站在双峰塔之间,我好矮哦>< 哈哈哈!

我们仨就吃午餐啦。。。 就在Agnes所推荐的Kim Gary餐厅吃饭。。。 那里的东西好好吃哦,虽是比其他餐厅贵了一点,但我觉得很值得。。。因为,第一,是我,Agnes 和Ivan 这么久以来一起出来吃。  第二,我是第一次试试Kim Gary的东西。 第三,午餐的分量挺大的,可分两个人吃呢。第四,因为是Agnes推荐的, 哈哈。。。#Cheese baked chicken chop with rice, red sauce, soup and green tea.

医饱肚子后,我们就去看鞋子,然后去找portable speaker,买到两盒啦。。。之后,就回家了。。。

能够跟Agnes和Ivan出去走走,说说笑笑(虽然是没笑很多), 我已经觉得开心了。。。